Cooking at Home is Healthier


I’ve been trying to cook more and eat out less. This is a good video. I found it under the sensational title of  “What this Video and You’ll Never Eat McDonald’s French Fries Again,” but it is more about how our society moved away from cooking at home and why we should return to cooking at home.

From the Video:
Fast food has changed how and what we eat. The McDonald’s fries example goes beyond how the potatoes are poisoned to kill aphids. If you make the french fries at home, it is a labor intensive activity involving washing & peeling potatoes, frying them in messy oil, and finally, cleaning up the mess. Because of the hard work involved, you might eat french fries once every six weeks. Fast food makes it easy! It’s now possible to eat french fries twice a day.
Special treats turn into every day eats. 

I also found it interested how society itself has subtly influenced our (my!) view of cooking. I often think I don’t have the talent to cook. I often say, “I’m not a good cook.” Why do I think this? Because my husband cooks better? Partly. However, I must admit that it is mostly because I don’t like cooking. It is a chore to me. I need to change my attitude.
I can find joy in cooking at home, if I try.
I’m sure I can! I want our family to be healthier!