Retreat Weekend WW Review

I get 30 points a day. As I mentioned before, I tracked my food & drinks no matter what. Did I make better choices than I would have if I weren’t tracking? Sort of. Not really. However, it has given me some valuable insight:

Friday = 74 points

I arrived at retreat in the evening, and fended for myself for dinner. I was doing great on points until we busted out the wine and games. I tried drinking my wine slowly, but you can still drink quite a bit while chattering and playing the night away!

Saturday = 113 points

The single worst offender was the very addicting, dark chocolate covered almonds: 26 points for what I estimated to be around 2/3 cup. If I had tracked those in the moment, I would have stopped at the 5 pieces I was originally given!

Sunday = 46 points, so far

I probably could have gotten back on track today. We were provided breakfast, and then left retreat around noon. My husband requested I stop by a well-known kolache shop on the way home. So, that’s that.

My WW week starts on Saturdays. So, this week is totally blown as far as weekly points allowance. In fact, my weeklies currently reads at -64! Tomorrow is a new day, and I will strive hard to only have my allotted 30 points a day for the rest of the week.

What will I do different next year?

  • Walk around the camp a lot more.
  • Pack Weight Watcher friendly munchies.
  • Snack my WW munchies and fruit only.
  • Drink my wine much more slowly. Goal: 2 glasses an evening
  • Eat a smart lunch before stopping at the kolache shop, or not stop there at all.

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