M&M Stare-Down

Yesterday, I found myself bummed for two big reasons: (1) lots of pain (2) zero weekly points. With regards to pain – it is a constant in my life; some days are worse than others. With regard to my weekly points – it was a normal weekend, I did my best to make good choices, and I still blew through my weekly points (and some fit points)!

So, there I was staring into my pantry. I’m not hungry. I’m bummed out. Right there for the taking is a giant Costco-sized bag of M&M’s. I do not have even a spare point to snack on. I stare at that bag of M&M’s and hear two conversations in my head…

You are in pain. You already blew it. You can eat a handful of M&M’s. Don’t even bother tracking it. In the grand scheme of things one tiny handful of M&M’s isn’t going to make a difference. Go for it!

You are not hungry. You don’t need it. Those M&M’s won’t make you feel better. It’s not like they are laced with pain medication! They’re too sweet for you anyway. They aren’t even your favorite sweet treat! If you’re going to blow off points, go for the good stuff. You don’t have to eat those M&M’s. Walk away. All of these little decisions do matter. You want to loose weight. Losing weight will mean you will be in less pain! Stick with the plan! You can do this!!

I stare at the M&M’s.

I did not eat the M&M’s.

I walked away.

Today, I think about that mental battle over the M&M’s and – I’m sure it is silly, but it is true!

I feel stronger.


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