Weekends and Cookies

There’s another reason I don’t make cookies. I eat them ALL! I’ve discovered a real weakness for cookies within myself this weekend. I knew fries were a trigger food, but I didn’t realize cookies are. They are. I can’t not eat them!

Yet again, I was traveling this weekend. It’s really, really hard to stay on plan while traveling. I planned ahead as much as possible, but I didn’t do so well especially with cookies.

The good news is that I earned a whopping 26 fit points over this weekend, and I did track everything. I’m still in the negative, but I’m not discouraged or in that awful “I blew it so I give up mode.”

“Never give up! Never surrender!”
— Galaxy Quest

I’m not giving up. I’m going to keep tracking. Plus, I’m not traveling next weekend!
I can do this.


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