Ran Off Track

I was doing great until late this afternoon, and I got thirsty. I could have drank water, but I didn’t want water. I wanted a soda. It had caffeine. Also, what diet, caffeine free soda can you order from McDonald’s?

So, I had caffeine for the first time since I quit. I didn’t think it would be forever, but I don’t think I lasted even a week! That’s kind of pitiful, right?

Then, there’s what I ordered at McDonald’s. We were on the go, and I should have ordered the 6-piece chicken nuggets. That’s way lower in points than a Big Mac. Why didn’t I order what I knew I should have?! Because I wanted that Big Mac.

Why didn’t I want my health more?

Speaking of health, my new meds are making me nauseous. Insert crackers, rack up more points. At least that overage is understandable… or excusable?

Now I’m trying to track just how much damage I’ve done, and the WW app has gone and pooped out on me!

I have so many great excuses: stress, pain, on the go, busy, the app wasn’t working, etc. They all sound great, but when are these factors not in play? Almost never. That’s life.

Life got the best of me today, but I’m not giving up. I’m just going to start again tomorrow. One step at a time (even if I step backwards sometimes) I will be victorious.


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