Weight Loss Plan and Illness

I have a rather nasty head cold. At first, I ate horrible. Who cares, right?

Well, dang! I do!!

A blog commenter mentioned boredom as a reason for eating, and that hit the nail right on the head. (Thank you again!) When I’m sick, I’m less active and way less busy. I get bored! I didn’t even realize it.

Well, I decided that I am not giving myself permission to eat bad because I feel bad. Yesterday, I didn’t track very much. I didn’t eat enough I know, but sick is sick and I’m not going to worry with that so much. I just don’t want to pig out like I was inclined to in the beginning.

I’m not better health wise yet, but I am much better weight management wise. Now to just keep this attitude and perspective going! I can lose this weight, and I will.


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