Cleaning Up

There’s all these decluttering challenges floating around the internet with all these complicated steps. My method is pretty extreme by comparison.

Kids come with lots of stuff, and their stuff multiplies exponentially it seems! There’s always a tipping point for me, and boom. One day I announce to the kids, “It’s time to pile it up.” They love it and comply with glee! I pick a room in our small home and they divest their rooms of every single toy, container, and book. The only thing remaining in their rooms is furniture and clothes.

The kids vacuumed while I rearranged furniture, repaired furniture, and got rid of furniture they’ve grown out of (or couldn’t be repaired). It’s hard work! It is also extremely satisfying. The dump room is a pit, but their rooms are super clean and totally decluttered.

They love it! I love it. Less clutter is so much less stressful.

Today’s challenge is the pit. Not much is going back in their rooms. A whole lot is getting earmarked for donation.

By day’s end, I’ll have well over 10k steps and three clean, totally decluttered rooms. That’s going to be awesome!


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