Fast forward through birthing 3 kids within 3.5 years and 13+ years of marriage, and I’m weighing in at slightly more than after my 3rd child was born and 48 pounds more than I want to weigh. I joined for the 4th (and final!!) time on Jan 9, 2016.

Hello Weight Watchers (WW)!

Going it on my own hasn’t work and won’t work. I need the support of the WW system (they have a new, improved plan now), and the weekly support meetings. Those meetings are a lifeline! There’s the accountability of weighing in, and then there’s the great stuff I learn. Finally, there’s tons of encouragement give and receive.

I’m not new to WW. No, I don’t work for them. I also don’t get anything from them for this blog. Nor do I claim to post official SmartPoint values. I’m not claiming to give official WW advice either. This is just me rattling on about my personal journey along the WW path. Take it or leave it. When in doubt, go to the source: WeightWatchers.com

In 2000, WW just used points. There was even a slide rule to figure out your fitness points! When I joined again for the 2nd (2013) and 3rd (2015) times it was PointsPlus. That PointsPlus program didn’t work nearly as well as the points system they had before it… or was it just me? We’ll never really know.

Now, it is all about the SmartPoints. Except, I still revert to just calling them all points. Don’t let that throw you. SmartPoints = points on this blog.

This should be a fun ride to a better, healthier me. If you’re here, join the ride. WW is everywhere, and I have to tell you – nothing can substitute for the in-person meetings.

So, that’s all the “about” I’ve got, for now. Thanks for stopping by.



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