Brand Matters

I told my sister that I was surprised and totally pleased that the Austin Cheese Peanut Butter Crackers (6 to a pack) were only 4 points. That’s a decent snack food choice!

We went to the grocery store after our WW meeting. Just to be sure I wasn’t remembering wrong, we scanned the other brands of cheese peanut butter crackers. They came back 7 points! Wow.

I got home and double-checked my Austin crackers, and they are indeed 4 points. So, brand matters. So glad we didn’t assume!

Incidentally, I got my 5 pound star today! I’m definitely on my way now.


Gave Up Caffeine

I’ve decided that it is in my best interest to give up caffeine. The biggest place this bothers me is my morning cup of coffee… and perhaps the second one, and my afternoon jolt. Sigh…

This journey to a healthier me is so much more than weight loss. Caffeine is taking a toll on me, and besides… I’m now saving those points on creamer for actual food.

This will be a good thing once I finish detox.

Double Feature: A Salad that Satisfies & My Beloved Food Scale

I’m surprised

Sweet Kale Salad Mix from Costco

I knew how many points I had left, and I dialed up the grams until it met those points.*

I thought I’d be hungry later, but that never happened.

Love that salad!

*I had to enter the salad into the WW app manually and set the serving size to grams. I always enter food by it’s weight or volume rather than by “serving.” It removes the sometimes confusing question: “What’s a serving?” It also allows me to weigh things without making more dishes dirty. I love my food scale!

Olive Garden

My sister was craving Olive Garden, and we needed to meet up and catch up. I knew I’d be having Olive Garden for dinner so I tried to plan ahead:
I ate a low point breakfast, and was ready to eat the house by 11 am. That plan stinks!

My high point snack didn’t help much either. I was pretty much hungry all day. Sigh…

I did have the lowest-points possible dish picked out and tracked ahead of time. I also knew the soup option is better than salad, but I forgot to request that they NOT bring bread sticks.

Baked Tilapia with Shrimp = 8
Minestrone Soup = 3
Bread Stick = 4

I’m still way over on points, but I did good considering my usual meal at Olive Garden is around 60 points without dessert.

I call it a win.

Weekends and Cookies

There’s another reason I don’t make cookies. I eat them ALL! I’ve discovered a real weakness for cookies within myself this weekend. I knew fries were a trigger food, but I didn’t realize cookies are. They are. I can’t not eat them!

Yet again, I was traveling this weekend. It’s really, really hard to stay on plan while traveling. I planned ahead as much as possible, but I didn’t do so well especially with cookies.

The good news is that I earned a whopping 26 fit points over this weekend, and I did track everything. I’m still in the negative, but I’m not discouraged or in that awful “I blew it so I give up mode.”

“Never give up! Never surrender!”
— Galaxy Quest

I’m not giving up. I’m going to keep tracking. Plus, I’m not traveling next weekend!
I can do this.


Fuddruckers is one of my favorite burger joints. I have a real weakness for fries, so I don’t order them. (I usually end up eating a few of the kids’ trays though! I count that as a small fries and move on.)

My WW app was on the fritz, so I had to wing it. (Danger! Danger!) I choose the humble third pound cheeseburger. Later, I discovered Fuddruckers isn’t even in the app. Second, I was shocked to learn that the third pound cheeseburger is 20 points! I was guessing around 14. Whoops!

I went through calculating my options for next time, and found out that a third pound burger without a bun is only 6 points. Now there’s a great option! Pile the zero point fixings on that bad boy and yum yum!

I went over my weekly limit by 7 points thanks to that Fuddruckers stop, but that’s still way better than last week! No big deal because now I have a plan for next time.

How to Avoid Eating Cookies

Nana comes to town and she makes amazing cookies. We go to visit Nana, and she makes amazing cookies. Kids are with Mom, and Mom doesn’t make cookies. Ever.

It’s just not my thing, okay?

Well, I finally caved in. I bought some cookie mix (yes, I cheat – Nana doesn’t), and made up a batch of cookies today.

My kids politely nibbled a few bites and promptly offered them to Daddy: “You can have my cookie, Dad. I don’t need two huge cookies.”

They were normal size, and what kid does that? I decided to eat one cookie. I fed the rest of it to the dog and threw out the batch. Wow. There’s a reason I don’t make cookies!

If you doubt, I asked the kids directly: “Don’t you like the cookies?”

“Yeah! Just not the crust.”

So, there you have it. If you want to avoid eating cookies, have me make them for you.

You’re welcome.