Frito Pie

My husband made Frito pie for dinner. I wasn’t in the frame of mind to care about points. After all, I was recovering from being irate with an attitude laden, uncooperative and disobedient child.

When all was ready, I was directed to my bowl with this breakout: “I measured each ingredient so you can track it.”

  • 2/3 c. Wolf Chili, no Beans
  • 1 oz. Low sodium Fritos
  • 1/3 c. Fiesta shredded cheese

I tracked it, after the fact and discovered this humble meal (a favorite!) is a whopping 17 points. Yikes!

Two lessons learned:

  • My husband is awesome!!
    (Ok. Already knew this, but he confirms this fact regularly.)
  • Frito pie needs some serious substitutions before going back on the menu.

Brussels Sprouts

I added Brussels sprouts to my lunch to be a delicious filler. Two of my kids came over requesting some, then more and more… They ate them like candy! I was planning on having left overs to go with dinner. Next time, I cook up more!

I texted this bit to my support team, and “Brussels sprouts” came out “brutal spirits,” which my husband feels is a good alternate name. He’s not a fan of these yummy zero point delights. His loss!