Sugars are on Notice

It recently occurred to me that my really bad pain days are usually preceded by higher than normal sugar intake days.

Thank you Easter candy stash.

I did some initial digging, and created a list of foods/ingredients that might increase your body’s inflammatory response.

This is a big deal for those with Rheumatoid Arthritis or Fibromyalgia.
More inflammation = more pain.

On this list, I’m starting with limiting my sugar intake. I’ll take the rest on one at a time to see if reducing those ingredients helps.

On Weight Watchers, all I’m aware of is points. I often don’t track the foods that are considered zero points. So, to increase my awareness of the food science stuff I’m putting into my body, I joined SparkPeople. It’s a terrific and free resource for weight loss and health.

Yes. This means I now track my food twice. Once to know the points, and again (in more detail) to know the particulars.

After 2 bad pain days and 1 really bad pain day, this girl has got to do something.

Plus side: The sweets, breads, and pastas don’t even look appetizing anymore.


Water Consumption

If you told me that I needed to eat 8 to 12 cookies a day to stay healthy, that would not be a problem. Why is it that drinking 8 to 12 glasses of water a day is so freaking hard! It seems like so much!

Do I even need that much water?
Yes… and no.

Doesn’t how much water you actually need vary?
Yes. Your body weight, caloric intake, and or your activity level can all affect how much water you need.

I’m taking activity level out of the equation, since that only increases the water one needs to stay healthy. I’m not going to consider caloric intake either since that’s harder to determine than my weight.

I calculated it out based on my current (avg) weight, and I need about 90 fl. oz. of water a day (11.25 cups). Water is best, but other sources of fluids count: fruits, vegetables, and non-caffeinated drinks.

How much does eating fruits and vegetables really count?
More than you think!

According to, fruits and vegetables provide up to 20% of my fluid intake each day. Personally, I eat a lot of fruits and veggies since they are often zero points! So, that takes my daily fluid intake down to 9 cups a day.

Do I have to down NINE glasses of water a day?
It still seems like a lot. Let’s take a look…

A cup is only 8 fl. oz. Most of the glasses & cups in my cubbard hold 16 fl. oz. Some even hold 32 fl. oz. This means that my Texas-sized cups are really 2 cups. That bring my required fluids down to 4.5 “cups” a day.

A 500 ml bottle of water is just over 2 cups. I love the Nestle flavored waters. If I drink 4.25 of those bottles a day, I’m set. I love my Diet Dr. Pepper too, but that’s caffeinated and doesn’t count. Oh well.

I can do this.

Drinking my needed water (fluids) isn’t nearly as hard as I imagined.