Hungry After Dinner

I absolutely hate it when I get hungry a few hours after I eat a meal. Was my meal just a snack?!

What did I eat? Well, I ate a meal I often eat that usually leaves me very satisfied.

So, I’m wondering if a skimpy (snack-like, perhaps) lunch caught up with me after dinner. I wasn’t hungry at lunch! Seems odd, but… If you can have a sleep deficit that catches up to you and crashes you out, then why not a hunger deficit that catches up to you eventually?

Ignoring the hunger is a bad idea. It just grows into an angry beast that will eat the pantry whole.

My plan is to eat a Greek yogurt. I’m over, but at least I’m not WAY over.


Hello Again

It’s been a few minutes since I’ve taken the time to write about this journey. Sorry to leave y’all in the dark! The past few weeks have been very up and down for me emotionally, physically, and weight-ally.

There have been new medications to get used to, a husband out of town for a week, a car breaking down, and a few other personal stressors. If that’s not enough, there was also Valentine’s Day candy, chocolates, cookies, and a very special date night with my hubby.

That date night did a number on my official weigh-in! We had this huge, 3-hour long very Italian dinner the night before my WW meeting. I posted a gain of 4 pounds! There’s no way I was THAT far off track, was there? I doggedly pushed aside my doubts and determined that I would lose those four pounds next week. Besides… that was an awesome date night.

No regrets.

I’m so excited to report I did it! I posted a 4.2 pound loss yesterday. That’s one heck of a swing, but I’ll call it a win and move on.

My goal for this week is to lose between 1 and 2 pounds. If I could do that every week, I’ll be in sight of my goal weight by year’s end.

I’m certain that life will come up and try to smack me in the face (the gut?) again, and I might lose a battle or two.

I will not lose the war.

I will persevere and I will loose all this unhealthy weight and be in less overall pain.

Ran Off Track

I was doing great until late this afternoon, and I got thirsty. I could have drank water, but I didn’t want water. I wanted a soda. It had caffeine. Also, what diet, caffeine free soda can you order from McDonald’s?

So, I had caffeine for the first time since I quit. I didn’t think it would be forever, but I don’t think I lasted even a week! That’s kind of pitiful, right?

Then, there’s what I ordered at McDonald’s. We were on the go, and I should have ordered the 6-piece chicken nuggets. That’s way lower in points than a Big Mac. Why didn’t I order what I knew I should have?! Because I wanted that Big Mac.

Why didn’t I want my health more?

Speaking of health, my new meds are making me nauseous. Insert crackers, rack up more points. At least that overage is understandable… or excusable?

Now I’m trying to track just how much damage I’ve done, and the WW app has gone and pooped out on me!

I have so many great excuses: stress, pain, on the go, busy, the app wasn’t working, etc. They all sound great, but when are these factors not in play? Almost never. That’s life.

Life got the best of me today, but I’m not giving up. I’m just going to start again tomorrow. One step at a time (even if I step backwards sometimes) I will be victorious.