Sugars are on Notice

It recently occurred to me that my really bad pain days are usually preceded by higher than normal sugar intake days.

Thank you Easter candy stash.

I did some initial digging, and created a list of foods/ingredients that might increase your body’s inflammatory response.

This is a big deal for those with Rheumatoid Arthritis or Fibromyalgia.
More inflammation = more pain.

On this list, I’m starting with limiting my sugar intake. I’ll take the rest on one at a time to see if reducing those ingredients helps.

On Weight Watchers, all I’m aware of is points. I often don’t track the foods that are considered zero points. So, to increase my awareness of the food science stuff I’m putting into my body, I joined SparkPeople. It’s a terrific and free resource for weight loss and health.

Yes. This means I now track my food twice. Once to know the points, and again (in more detail) to know the particulars.

After 2 bad pain days and 1 really bad pain day, this girl has got to do something.

Plus side: The sweets, breads, and pastas don’t even look appetizing anymore.


Double Feature: A Salad that Satisfies & My Beloved Food Scale

I’m surprised

Sweet Kale Salad Mix from Costco

I knew how many points I had left, and I dialed up the grams until it met those points.*

I thought I’d be hungry later, but that never happened.

Love that salad!

*I had to enter the salad into the WW app manually and set the serving size to grams. I always enter food by it’s weight or volume rather than by “serving.” It removes the sometimes confusing question: “What’s a serving?” It also allows me to weigh things without making more dishes dirty. I love my food scale!