Sugars are on Notice

It recently occurred to me that my really bad pain days are usually preceded by higher than normal sugar intake days.

Thank you Easter candy stash.

I did some initial digging, and created a list of foods/ingredients that might increase your body’s inflammatory response.

This is a big deal for those with Rheumatoid Arthritis or Fibromyalgia.
More inflammation = more pain.

On this list, I’m starting with limiting my sugar intake. I’ll take the rest on one at a time to see if reducing those ingredients helps.

On Weight Watchers, all I’m aware of is points. I often don’t track the foods that are considered zero points. So, to increase my awareness of the food science stuff I’m putting into my body, I joined SparkPeople. It’s a terrific and free resource for weight loss and health.

Yes. This means I now track my food twice. Once to know the points, and again (in more detail) to know the particulars.

After 2 bad pain days and 1 really bad pain day, this girl has got to do something.

Plus side: The sweets, breads, and pastas don’t even look appetizing anymore.


Non-Tracking Tracking

When I “blow it” for a particular day, it is hard for me to get back to tracking. The reason is that the remaining points that show in my WW app no longer have any real meaning. It’s just not accurate anymore. It is then that I switch to the dangerous method of tracking my points in my head.

Before you judge, consider that this method is better than just throwing in the towel with the attitude of eating whatever I want because I already blew it.

I didn’t blow the week with one meal/day of bad choices. I just blew that day. I try very hard to get my WW mojo back by controlling the very next bite I take, and then the next one and so on.

My mental tracking does not go beyond each meal. I have 30 points each day, which divides out to 10 points per meal skipping snacks. I won’t die without snacks! I only mentally keep track of each meal. It’s easier and more do-able than keeping the math of the entire day in my head.

5% AwardThis recovery mode tracking is not standard/recommended WW fare, but it works for me. I missed a meeting, and then had a great weigh-in last Saturday. I lost over 3 pounds in the past two weeks making my 5% goal and getting my 2nd 5 pound star.

*Insert victory dance here.*

I’m not losing weight very fast, but I am losing. Now to stay on plan, tracking consistently all week. I can do this!

Olive Garden

My sister was craving Olive Garden, and we needed to meet up and catch up. I knew I’d be having Olive Garden for dinner so I tried to plan ahead:
I ate a low point breakfast, and was ready to eat the house by 11 am. That plan stinks!

My high point snack didn’t help much either. I was pretty much hungry all day. Sigh…

I did have the lowest-points possible dish picked out and tracked ahead of time. I also knew the soup option is better than salad, but I forgot to request that they NOT bring bread sticks.

Baked Tilapia with Shrimp = 8
Minestrone Soup = 3
Bread Stick = 4

I’m still way over on points, but I did good considering my usual meal at Olive Garden is around 60 points without dessert.

I call it a win.

Weekends and Cookies

There’s another reason I don’t make cookies. I eat them ALL! I’ve discovered a real weakness for cookies within myself this weekend. I knew fries were a trigger food, but I didn’t realize cookies are. They are. I can’t not eat them!

Yet again, I was traveling this weekend. It’s really, really hard to stay on plan while traveling. I planned ahead as much as possible, but I didn’t do so well especially with cookies.

The good news is that I earned a whopping 26 fit points over this weekend, and I did track everything. I’m still in the negative, but I’m not discouraged or in that awful “I blew it so I give up mode.”

“Never give up! Never surrender!”
— Galaxy Quest

I’m not giving up. I’m going to keep tracking. Plus, I’m not traveling next weekend!
I can do this.

56 Points Over Budget

I weigh in tomorrow morning. With the help of my FitBit and sticking to my daily target as much as possible, I got my negative weekly down from 74 to 56. Not bad!

It’s been very difficult keeping my points to only my daily target. No buffer! I have huge appreciation for spreading those weekly points out now.

I think I’ll see a loss at the scale. Mostly because I’m still eating way less than I did before WW, and it’s only my second week.

Just Keep Tracking

I’m still -72 weeklies. I didn’t expect that to be zero/positive simply because I plugged in my FitBit and started racking up fitness points automatically. I was a little bummed yesterday that I only got 6 fitness points for the day.

However, I was excited this morning to step on the scale and see a loss! This progress confirms for me that there is huge value in tracking.


In the past, I would have given up on tracking for the week. I already blew it, right? Also I wouldn’t have to face that nasty reminder of my failure every time I pulled up the WW app. I would just “start again” at my next weigh-in day.

I’m determined not to throw in the towel like again. That version of the WW plan does not work.


BLT stands for “bites, licks, and tastes.” I’ve learned in the past it is just as important to track these BLTs as anything else. This is especially true if you, like me, prepare food for little eaters.

Just one chip! I can actually accomplish this amazing feat. However, if I’m tracking honestly, I might as well have 4 chips because it’s 1 point either way. 5 chips would have pushed me over to two points. I stopped at 4.

These little gems of knowledge won’t happen if you track after the fact! Tracking before you put those points in your mouth is best.